SZP P152

Item Name: Power Bank
Model No.: SZP P152
Battery Type: Polymer
Capacity: 4000*mAh
Input: Micro USB DC 5V~1Amax
USB OutPut: DC 5V~1Amax, 2400*mAh
Device Charging Indicator: Yes, LED

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  • Instant Power For Best Perfomance
  • Compatible with all Mobile Phones, Tablets & Other Gadgets
  • Stylish & Compact Design for Your Comfort
  • Super slim leather finish body
  • Over-charging, Short-Circuit & Over-Discharging protection


With the propagated use of electronic devices, there has been an urge for the people to be connected and be available on their smart devices at all times. Now, with power banks, you can charge your phone whenever you want, without having to go through the hassle of finding a power source. Such a power bank is SZP P152, light and easy to carry.


Convenient to carry


The device is ultra portable and can be used in any location or even when you’re on the move. It is the perfect pocket tool that you can use to charge your phone in any place at any time. Say goodbye to low battery issues with this neatly designed power bank.

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